My name is André and I live on the west coast of Canada. Nice location, but we’re also known to be the most expensive place to live in North America. However, when you have the ocean and mountains within reach, it’s hard to avoid the enjoyment of being here.

As for my professional background, I’ve been involved with website design for over 12 years. I remember starting off with HTML with CSS, eventually moving into content management systems which lead the way to where I am now. I started with Movable Type (which I miss greatly), then got into Joomla when it first got forked from a CMS called Mambo. With over 10 years of Joomla experience, I then added WordPress to the mix and began the transition from web design to template and theme development.

With that being said, I am here to help anyone wishing to start their own website. I will talk about varying topics from Joomla, WordPress, and to pass on valuable tips to make the process easier for you. I may even offer a few themes and perhaps offer personal custom services to anyone needing help.


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