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WordPress twentynineteen

Ever wonder what happened with the long-awaited Twenty Eighteen theme from WordPress? The year is almost over and we still yet to see one. Despite some blogs talking about it, I now discovered you won't be seeing one! Be prepared because when I went to the WPTavern website, I was surprised to find out WordPress is skipping a version. Does this mean a Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme?

The latest article about Matt Mullenweg Announces WordPress 5.0 release plan mentioned a new default theme. As I started to read it, I noticed the theme was not Twenty Eighteen, but rather it was stating that we will get a Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme. This will catch people off guard because for at least a year you were probably expecting a Twenty Eighteen theme. Skip right to a new default theme for 2019. Probably fitting because it's the end of 2018.

WordPress 5 Release Plan

Matt's plan for releasing WordPress 5.0 offers a tentative estimate for a release candidate to ship in November of this year. Although this is only an RC (Release Candidate), it shows we're closing in on WordPress 5 soon. As speculation has it, we could see version 5.0 arrive by the end of this year.


As for the Gutenberg editor, the plugin has over 490,000 active installs. That is still a small number when you consider how many WordPress sites are on the internet. I mean, we are talking literally millions. Unfortunately, the reviews on the Gutenberg plugin page are still insanely high with 1-star ratings and negative reviews. Hard to say what will happen once Gutenberg and WordPress 5 are officially released to all as "stable".

The New Twenty Nineteen WordPressTheme

As it was mentioned, WordPress users can expect a new default Twenty Nineteen theme to ship with 5.0. According to the WPTavern article, this is being led by designer Allan Cole and will involve adapting an existing Gutenberg theme for use the next default theme. You are probably wondering what theme this will be; I have a pretty good idea though. I was looking forward to a Twenty Eighteen theme, but I guess we can forget about it because it appears it has been scrapped. It was originally assumed the Twenty Eighteen would incorporate Gutenberg support and attributes relating to the design. But with the ever-lasting development of Gutenberg, I guess the development team was too busy for one. Now the big question to ponder over is what will the Twenty Nineteen theme look like, what features, will it focus entirely on a minimalist concept? twenty nineteen theme While writing this article, I did a quick look on Google, but couldn't find any information, so I will assume it's only a matter of time. But it's going to look odd for anyone having all default themes except one. Pass Go (2018) and go directly to 2019!

Little Twenty Nineteen Update!

Just got a sneak peek at the new Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme moments ago. So I thought I would add a quick update for you. You can find the article at WPTavern. Before you head off to read more about it, here is a quick look: twenty nineteen demo


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